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Nice to Cook

Nice to Cook offers convenience products with guaranteed freshness and constant high quality, finely seasoned and optimally portioned. Under the motto ‘The Art of Cooking’ is a full variety of fresh products, carefully prepared according to a modern interpretation of the classic Escoffier method. These products compliment the assortment from Nice to Meat for banqueting and catering events

Implementing Nice to Cook products means greater flexibility and more efficient work processes. This represents “mise-en-place” in its purest sense: Less time, expense, personnel and risk. In short Nice to Cook can offer realistic solutions. The most important factor to choose Nice to Cook is that we operate as your partner, offering cost efficient choices and options that work best for you and your business. We call this old fashioned personal service. Nice to Cook offers a complete assortment of convenience products that guarantee cost efficient choices and options. For example - large banqueting parties. Individual finishing touch still ensures your signature on the plate.

The assortment from Nice to Cook includes:

  • Soups and consommés
  • Meat, fish and poultry dishes
  • Finger food
  • Wagyu cold meats
  • Holtkamp croquettes
  • Dressings
  • Pasta
  • Canapés